Fees & Other Important Information

The cost of a standard 50 minute session is £40.

An assessment session is charged at a reduced rate of £20.

A limited number of reduced rates appointments are available for people on low income and for students. Rates are negotiated depending on individual circumstances. The current reduced rate is £25.

Cancellation Policy

If you cannot attend an appointment, please notify me 24 hours in advance.

Please cancel by phone since email delivery is not always instantaneous or reliable.

The purpose of a 24-hour cancellation policy is to allow enough time for me to fill the vacant appointment slot, thereby meeting the needs of other clients who are waiting for an appointment.

A same day cancellation provides insufficient notice with which to rebook an appointment, and thus represents both lost opportunity for someone else to benefit from that time slot as well as lost revenue.

There is, therefore, a fee charged for a late cancellation or missed appointment of £30 for a 50 minute appointment.

I understand that unforeseen events sometimes happen, but please be as respectful of my time as you can. Exceptions to the policy are rare.

If you arrive late then the session will be shorter but you will still be charged for the full session.

Please understand that therapy Is a serious commitment, and improvement is unlikely to be achieved without consistency.

Consequently, two consecutive missed appointments without notice, attempting to reschedule, or otherwise indicating clear commitment to therapy, can result in termination of the therapeutic relationship.

If you miss two or more scheduled appointments within a 30 day time period without cancelling or rescheduling in accordance with cancellation policy of 24 hours advance notice, the therapeutic relationship will be terminated.

Your therapy can restart at any time should you so choose, however you may be placed on a waiting list if there are other clients waiting to use your time slot.

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